How To Get Invited

Ménage is a private community, but you don’t need to know a current guest or be invited by one. If you don’t know anyone yet and are new to this lifestyle, you can note that when you complete the form below to be invited to future events. We’ll be in touch with you once we establish your bona fides. When you are approved, you’ll also be given a link to the private Facebook group, to join us there if you choose to do so.

When you hit the Submit button, your application will be PENDING for verification of your bona fides. We may be in touch with you to verify or clarify your details, or you may receive an invitation without further steps. Normally this can take up to 48 hours, as verification is done manually. It is highly recommended you get on the invitation list well in advance of attending Ménage. If you’ve completed this form on the day of an event hoping to attend that same night, it is highly UNlikely you’ll be able to do so. We do this to ensure that everyone invited to Ménage is either part of our community, or someone who is genuinely interested in meeting other open- and like-minded people.

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  • Protip: simply entering profile names isn't as helpful as URLs - there are often duplicate or very similar names, especially on Facebook.

  • Yours, or both you and your partner(s)

  • Yours, or both you and your partner(s)

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  • Include a picture of everyone in the profile, looking into the camera, holding a sign or screen with the word "Ménage" on it. This picture is used to confirm you're real, and are providing informed consent to receive invitations to the House. It is not posted on a public profile. This needs to be a LIVE, CURRENT picture - not a picture you pulled from a different profile, and not an anonymous picture. The number of names and faces need to match. If you're filling this out as a couple and the picture only shows one of you, it will sit pending or be denied.

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