Dear Friends,
The long-awaited court decision has been released and we got the clarity we had asked for from the Court. This is precisely what I’d been asking for throughout this fight. I’ve always said that I will NOT stop having gatherings, in my own home, for my friends and community. This decision affirms my right to do so. The Court has clearly said the bylaw “does not touch upon or preclude the use of one’s home for the private hosting of social gatherings, including when these involve gatherings of individuals who share common sexual philosophies, interests, and activities. The Applicant is free to host members of his ethically non-monogamous community, and engage in social and intimate activities with them, in the privacy of his residence.”
You’ll see some changes to how you get invited but the gatherings are not going away, nor is the space for us to come together in my private, personal home.
The Court recognized the motivations at work here, and said “personal sexual expression, in all its many-splendored forms, is a fundamental aspect of human life, experience, and fulfilment. Legislative or other state restrictions targeting legal, consensual, private sexual activity will attract close Charter scrutiny, in particular where they manifest religious moralism as their animating purpose.”
I’m happy that there’s a clear path forward.
I’m not going anywhere, my friends. You know how to reach me.
With love and gratitude for all your supportive energy,