Do you have the courage to explore your fantasies and bring your imagination to life?

If the answer is yes, we would like to welcome you to our world.


Our mission is to empower you to demystify, explore and celebrate your sexuality, and provide a safer place for fantasies to become reality.

Ménage is a unique experience; a private social gathering, offering a house party atmosphere and on-premise play. Almost 1600 square feet of dedicated play space, fully outfitted for kinky fun: a wide open play and mingling area, wet bar, and 4 dedicated playrooms. There’s even something for the ultra-naughty crowd: crosses, a spanking bench, stockade, gloryhole and a suspension room for those who really like to tie one on. A large octagonal bed is the focal point of the group playroom.

Ménage creates an environment – and ultimately a community – where sexual fantasy can meet reality. We are focused on intimacy and safety, both physically and emotionally, where people can enjoy themselves and each other in ways they can’t otherwise.

Ménage is provocative as well as educational – offering something surprising at parties, a place to develop meaningful relationship dynamics, and seminars and workshops to help Lifestylers and Vanillas understand more about what they feel and how to have even more fun. We are a non-threatening way to explore those naughty thoughts in the back of your mind – the ones you don’t dare mention to anyone else. Our goal is to challenge, invite and support you in your journey.